Women Self-Defense Techniques Will Literally Save Your Life!

Krav Maga has been developed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each type of individual. Krav Maga teaching and techniques for women are characterized by their effectiveness even from a position of physical disadvantage, providing the needed self-defense against violent sexual and criminal attacks.

When training women, one has to take into account a woman’s ability to improve and excel despite her own common misconception of her ability to fight and face physical challenges that require strength or aggressiveness.

The need for women to develop fighting abilities is especially pronounced these days, when cultural changes have allowed woman more independence, while at the same time stripping away social protective barriers that existed in generations past.

KMS�s training methods for women are based on years of experience, as well as numerous real-life situations in which women found our system to be the most effective. Our Krav Maga system for women provides excellent self-defense skills, producing the highest rate of defense successes in facing various types of attacks. In addition to the technical and tactical training required to gain Krav Maga skills, it is also needed that women acquire the appropriate mental capabilities to support their physical readiness to fight. This includes developing an attitude that allows for determination, persistence and aggression to become a part of the woman’s natural state of mind whenever needed.

Krav Maga for girls and women boosts confidence, putting an end to the anxiety and aversion caused by feelings of helplessness. With our training system, women need no longer relinquish personal safety and quality of life out of fear.

Women Krav Maga techniques were developed by KMS due to growing demand as part of Krav Maga self-defense solutions created for the various civilian sectors. Women self-defense qualifications enable women of all ages to learn, in a relative short period of time, central self-defense techniques specifically designated to provide them with defense tools while attacked.

Women Krav Maga methods deal with situations from a woman’s daily routine, point out scenarios where threat may appear and teaches, step by step, how to maintain your calm defend yourself counter attack and eliminate danger. Women self-defense Krav Maga sector logically concentrates on sexual assault scenarios, as they are the central threat for women.

As this issue is highly disturbing and sometimes difficult to discuss women self-defense techniques involve substantial emotional training to insure women they posses the ability to defend themselves, foster self confidence and also necessary aggressiveness. Defenses have been modified to accommodate women’s physique and state of mind.