Respect for God and Life
 Respect for the Flag and the Country
 Respect for the Family
 Respect for the Instructor
 Respect for your Friends
Respect for Yourself
— Dr. Dennis Hanover


Civilian Training

Krav-Maga Was Originally Developed For The Entire Military Sector. This Is The Reason Why Standard Krav-Maga Training Is Addressed To As”Civilian”.

Women Training

Krav Maga has been developed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each type of individual. Krav Maga teaching and techniques for women are characterized by their effectiveness even from a position of physical disadvantage.

Children Training

Through Krav Maga training the children are taught how to recognize common threats like bullies and kidnappers. The training also aims to improve their self esteem, build confidence respect and discipline.

KM Law Enforcement

For All Sectors Of The Law Enforcement, Special forces and Counter-Terror Units, Including Ongoing And In-Service Programs! The law enforcement personnel’s job is literally – to enforce the law.


SWAT teams are different from normal law enforcement forces in that they deal with extremely difficult and volatile circumstances.


This unique self-defense system is being presented for the first time in Bulgaria by Mr.Amir Goren – one of the founders of the elite forces army. Currently a colonel in the army and the commander of the Anti-terrorism School there. During his professional career he has participated in numerous military operations and has led hundreds of anti-terrorist operations within the country and beyond its borders. Since the beginning of his career in the Military Defense Forces he has participated and taught a number of professional courses in special units, terror fighting, Security and VIP, etc. During his service he has accumulated a lot of experience in actual combat in special operations.


Armed Security

The School for security and Krav Maga invites you to our class for armed security. A course that combines new security techniques and advanced combined training, plus training in Krav Maga and target practice security.

Physical Security

The School for Security and Krav Maga invites you to the course for security guards and physical protection. The course is professional and covers mostly the way of prevention and behavior at work.

Personal Security

The School for Security and Krav Maga invites you to our VIP Protection Course. The course considers the most effective ways of prevention and correct behavior at work – in case of tourist groups’ visits to/from Israel and Bulgaria, ensuring the protection of VIPs and businessmen in the private sector.

Bus Drivers

The School for Security and Krav Maga invites you to the training course for drivers in the public and private transport. The course is a way to develop the most proper behavior at the workplace, protection, readiness for adequate responses and awareness in situations of escorting groups of tourists at home and abroad.

Tourist Guides

The School for Security and Krav Maga invites you to our advanced courses and detailed training for tourist guides. This specialized training is to achieve a high level of organization skills and control of the tour group, as well as taking preventive measures to ensure each individual’s safety.


Krav Maga for civilians

Krav Maga for women

Krav Maga for children

KM law enforcement

Krav Maga VIP

Krav Maga human weapon


review1-compressor “My name is Ognyan Stanoev and have been doing martial arts for five years. I still remember with amazement the day that as I was walking the streets …” – Ognyan Stanoev
post2 “Krav Maga is not only a self defence system. Krav Maga is a real system that updates daily and has been proven to work under extreme situations. I have tried and trained couple of …” – Gabriel Kotev
post2 “Let me present myself. My name is Petya Yankova. In a few words I’m open minded, smiling person, that embrace life and love adventures. I started Krav Maga in July 2015. It was a time of my life when I needed to center myself, to focus and to  …” – Petya Yankova
post2 “Hello, my name is Teodor Ovcharov. No matter what I say about Krav Maga it wont be enough. One of the many things it teaches you, apart from many different self defense techniques of course, is discipline and respect. It teaches you how be a better  …” – Teodor Ovcharov

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