GSA International

GSA-Logo-mediumGSA Group is an international company, based in Bulgaria, that operates in the fields of Defense, Security and Intelligence. Our Customers portfolio is comprised of Governments, Corporations and Clients from the Private Sector. Our expertise andcapabilities helps our Clients meet their goals and succeed in complex and dangerous Political and Business environments, enabling them to prevent, prepare, control and eradicate risks through the delivery of a tailor-made Security, Intelligence and Protection solutions.

In today’s global business environment, Governments, Societies and Corporations worldwide are facing problems such as theft of Intellectual Property, Product Tampering, Fraud, Cyber-Crime, Stalking, Kidnappings, Terrorism, and Political Instability.

Protecting their families and employees, their assets, properties, functions and activities in challenging and sometimes hostile environments is becoming a growing need and necessity.

Founded and managed by a multi-disciplinary team of senior officials coming from various worldwide Elite Units and Defense Forces, Intelligence and Security Services, GSA Group brings together a highly qualified group of professionals with years of unparalleled experience in the evaluation, planning and execution of Security, Intelligence and Protection programs.

Whether a Corporation needs to manage an unexpected crisis situation, review or strengthen its current security programs and measures, establish special security plans for its executives, or engage in commercial, business, or industrial investigative activities, GSA Group enables it to deal successfully, in the most effective way, with the most complex and risky challenges. Let your company develop valued ,trusted partnerships and alliances and expand its activities globally.

Let GSA Group offer maximum investment protection to your company’s people and assets.

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