School for Security and Krav Maga is honored to invite you to our professional courses, seminars and trainings for security companies, travel companies, public and private bus companies and everyone who wishes to practice and gain knowledge in the field of security and Krav Maga.

We are working on six basic principles that are transmitted and assimilated by all our students and trainees.

Respect for life and God as the highest value:

Respect the Almighty God gives us also wisdom and knowledge, directs he body energy and help those who are involved to overcome the difficulties they face in everyday life (survival) and to show us the right direction in life, the essence of humanity and human values, to help people when they are in need, to see the beauty of the world and life.

Respect for flag and country:

The important thing for us is: a place to live, a safe fortress. A place to escape from the dangers of everyday life and get support in difficult times.

Respect for the family:

“Important to us: love, friendship, trust, support and assistance. Place of security and peace.”

Dennis Hanover has a special contribution to family life by a sort of new approach, by which man is fighting the phenomenon of domestic violence by training the body and mind. It also gives couples the values of respect, self-control, communication and self-confidence in their environment.

Women learn to defend themselves and their rights and live with dignity.

Respect for the teacher, instructor:

The point is: respect from students and trainees, purpose in life, values and achieving goals. Survival’s instructors and teachers symbolize the LION:at heart, spirit and body.

Respect for your friends:

“What is important to us: love, friendship, happiness, laughter, understanding, cooperation, assistance and support.”

Respect for friends means that there is always someone to rely on, as well as the ability to see beyond the outer shell and reach the soul. It shows that you achieve real friendship and you are ready to do the best for them.

Dennis teaches youth and adults of all walks of life. During his study and training focusing on difficult social differences and students learn the value of friendship: learning to value the human being to rejoice and weep with him, be ready to help, give a hand, listen , to trust and to sacrifice for his friend.

Respect yourself:

What is important to us: to believe that we can be comprehensive and purposeful in our actions. Respecting yourself means to choose the path of perseverance and obstinacy, to be consistent, to always look ahead of us and enjoy everything we do.

Dennis ,during his difficult childhood, has been exposed to anti-Semitism, suffering, violence, hunger and lack of love in the most difficult moments. But still, he finds the strength to preserve and overcome the pain and move forward, always keeping his head up. He talks about the mental abuse and physical pain, humiliation and helplessness that he’d felt at a meeting with his students. Dennis does not want and can not forget the past, and this way he is passing it on to the others in order to awaken their sensitivity and make them forget their predicament and also their develop their ability to listen, understand and help.

“By teaching martial arts, Dennis inspires his students with humanity and teaches them that human beings are equal and equally valuable. Only in this way, people can be helpful to themselves and the society. ”

Dennis Hanover has found his own special way, to reduce the level of violence and enhance the importance of the communication skills. He has often succeeded in complicated situations when standard educational methods had not been successful.

Dr. Dennis Hanover’s dream is that our civil society keeps its moral nature, that friendship is based on mutual respect, that values find expression in the individual’s and the society’s everyday life as well s in the political and economic areas. He teaches diligently his students to overcome their selfishness and to inspire them to work together for a better tomorrow, and tomorrow we will be proud to live in Dr. Dennis Hanover’s way.

Unfortunately, we witness terrorist organizations and global crime trying to harm innocent people, the tourist business everywhere, including in Bulgaria, as each attack and damage against local businessmen and foreigners would be severe and fatal to the local economy.

The Training program has been developed thanks to the experience of our instructors, as teachers and officers in the security department and counter-terrorism unit in Israel.

* This course covers all major aspects of physical security so that each student or client, will find that is dedicated to the professional development of all personnel associated with this type of security.

* Courses are offered for both men and women

We will be happy to answer all your questions and to arrange a meeting in order to provide you with all the information for all your queries and interests.


The Team of School for Security and Krav Maga